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A dream is just a dream if it's not pursued...

Keep Believing in the greatness of who you are.



I live to inspire others



As a young person I was exposed to, and experienced, abuse on many levels, which impacted my perception of love, and my self worth.  I let it get the best of me for many years of my life.

After being stabbed nine-times at the age of 17, during a street fight, my life began to shift.  Laying in the hospital, after almost being killed, I started to ask myself: "Why am I allowing the pain from my past to control my life?", “Why am I still here?”, and “How can I use the challenges I’ve faced to help others?”.  


Many of the answers to those questions, and the lessons I learn in the ongoing pursuit of my own greatness and truth, are found in my books, shared in my speaking engagements, and facilitated through my efforts with You Are Valued - the movement to value others.  

The ultimate purpose in my work is to inspire you to not only see the greatness in who you are, but let it shine through in all aspects of your life.




I have the privilege to connect with 1000’s of youth and adults on a yearly basis in a wide variety of settings.   Whether it's speaking for a class, support group, at-risk program, awards ceremony, school assembly, an adult training, community event, and/or a national conference, I love it all just the same.  






I am honored to share the lessons, insights, and reflections that have been instrumental in my own growth.   


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A dream is just a dream if it's not pursued.