Share YOUR Passions

I am not the best writer, but it doesn’t stop me from sharing. 

In fact, when I started Junior College I had to take a remedial writing class and meet with a tutor, once a week, just to learn how to write at the level I was expected to be at entering college.  I some how made it through high school without knowing how to write an essay.

On the other side of that, after having a near death experience at seventeen, I started writing my thoughts and feeling down in a notebook.  I didn’t know anything about punctuation, or sentence structure (I am still not the best at any of it).  I wrote about my feelings.  Anger.  Frustration.  Pain.  Fear. Confusion.  Obstacles I faced and overcome.  How I saw the world.  Myself.  Etc. 

I didn’t think much about what to write, or not to, I just wrote. 

Then something happen! 

One day, I was sitting in Barnes and Nobles and started what I thought was just another journal entry.  One sentence turned into several pages real quick. I went back to Barnes and Nobles the next day and wrote several more pages, adding to the same general message and focus.  It kept going.  I went into that same Barnes and Nobles, night after night, for several months.  Eventually, I thought to myself, “I think I am writing a book.”  One day, I wrote a conclusion to everything I had been writing about for the previous several months, closed the notebook, sat there, and said to myself,  “I just wrote a book.”

I went from thinking I was writing a book to knowing I did.

Okay – so what, I wrote a book. Now what?

Would anyone even care to read it?  Who will read it?  Who cares what I have to share, or say, about anything?

Despite my fears and self-doubt I knew that I had to share it with others.  So I did. 

I got a few copies bounded into small books and gave them to select friends to read.  It was just a matter of days before they shared their feedback.   They really liked it! 

Despite their positive feedback I still wasn’t convinced it was worth pursuing any further. 

I thought, “they are my friends – would they really tell me if it wasn’t good?”  I decided to let a few total strangers read it.  They reacted just as positive about it, if not more.  At this point, I started to think, “I wrote a book and people actually like it!” 

Now what? 

Get PUBLISHED!  Me?  Yeah right!!! 

To make a long story short, I ended up connecting with a publisher, after one completely blew me off, that offered me a contract to publish my book with them

I have since sold 1000’s of that book.  People have read it from all over. I have also written and published four additional books since then, and am currently working on several others.  My latest book, “Just for Youth”, has started off stronger, in regard to sales and support, than any of my other titles.  It is getting great feedback from middle and high school, as well college, age young people around the country, even the world (I just sent one to India).

My books have taken me onto the stage in front of 1000’s and have given me a sense of passion, purpose, and happiness that money could never buy. 

What if I didn’t push beyond my fears and self-doubt, to find the courage to share my thoughts and feelings with others?  None of this would have happened!

The only reason I have published 5 books, started a movement that has reached around the world, sold art I have created, and spoken in front of tens of thousands at this point is because I chose to share the things that mattered to me, and pursue without abandon the passions, visions, ideas, and messages of my heart.

What ever your passions are.  What ever your ideas are.  What ever your way of expression is.  Share them with the world! Don’t share them because of what you expect to get, but because you know you have to.  Everything that you have to offer, whether it be a song, dance routine, sculpture, poem, story, message, and/or idea, it is meant to be shared.  You do not have certain gifts, talents, and bursts of inspiration for no reason.  You have them because you are meant to share them with others. 

Is it easy?  Nope.  Is it scary?  Yes.  Is it possible? Absolutely.

YOU have so many gifts and talents within you that are anxiously waiting to be realized.   It’s up to you if you share them or not.  Ultimately, its’ only YOU that can CHOOSE TO MAKE THEM HAPPEN, or not!


Ricky Roberts III